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Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Policy


Vertical Staffing Resources (Vertical) is committed to providing a barrier-free workplace for all employees, staff, customers, and clients while visiting a Vertical office. We are committed to providing continuous improvements to our processes and procedures to maintain the requirements set forth from AODA (2005). This policy will be posted within each office as well as available online at our website.



Associates – any vertical employee, staff, customer, client, or potential employee AODA – Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act



As a staffing provider, Vertical is committed to providing a barrier-free environment to all associates. In accordance to AODA, Vertical has implemented the following processes to assist all individuals within our office to eliminate all barriers.

During the introduction process with all new applicants to our office, Vertical employees will help determine if there are any barriers that we can eliminate to assist with the application process. Such examples of ways to eliminate barriers are as follows:


Application Format

All associates can complete any required paperwork online in our office or through a paper application. Online paperwork can be modified to allow for larger or smaller font if needed. Any Vertical information such as jobs and postings can be found online also.


Communication Format

Should an associate require assistant completing the application process, a member of the Vertical team will sit with the associate in a private setting and communicate the required information to the associate. This also includes any information requested other than the application process.

Any disabled applicant may also be accompanied by a support person to help communicate any information required during the application process.


Service Animals

Vertical allows all service animals within our premises where a disabled associate requires the service animal. Should any Vertical staff not be able to verify a service animal through identifiable indicators, the staff may request documentation confirming that this animal is a service animal for the individual.



All Vertical Information is available to all associates upon request. Vertical will consult with the associate to ensure that one of the above methods is suitable for their needs. Requests can be made either through email at, calling head office at 905.593.0937, or visiting one of our Vertical offices to meet with a Vertical representative.

This includes all information such as:

  1. Available Assignments throughout the organization
  2. Application Process to register with Vertical
  3. Information required to perform one’s job
  4. Information that would be provided within the workplace


Temporary Disruption:

Should Vertical experience any planned or unplanned disruption in service, we will ensure that all associates are notified immediately when visiting our offices. This information will provide information regarding the disruption, the length of time of the disruption, an estimated time of resolution, and any alternatives forms of services to assist associates.


Feedback and Continuous Improvement:

Vertical is always interested in any feedback regarding our policies and procedures. Feedback can be provided to Vertical, through email at or calling head office at 905.593.0937. Vertical will review all feedback immediately once it has been provided to ensure we are improving on all services currently being offered.

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