Did you know... Vertical has recently acquired Peoplereadys' Canadian operations. Click here for a full list of brances across Canada. 

How do I download the app?

Once you have completed your registration (click here to register), a text smartlink will be sent to your mobile number on file. Click the link and you will be redirected to the APP.

How do you clock in using the app?

Easy! Once you’ve accepted a job, go to your schedule within the APP (it’s labeled “WORK”) there you will see every shift you’ve committed to. When you arrive at your worksite on the day of your shift, select your “Job Details” in the work tab and click “Check-In”.

*Please note that you only need to press “Check-In” once; sometimes it can take a second to clock you in because of network speeds.

I can't make it to a shift but you are closed when I call in, what do I do?

We understand that life happens, so try to give us as much notice as possible. In your APP, job details – click “contact” to send a “text” or “call”. When calling – Listen to the options and select your branch and leave a detailed message. Please include your full name, date and time of shift and location of assignment.

Can I cancel a shift using the APP?

No. In your APP, job details – click “contact” to send a “text” or “call”. When calling – Listen to the options, select your branch and leave a detailed message. Please include your full name, date, time of shift and location of assignment.

I forgot to check in/out, does this mean I won't be paid properly?

 Not a problem! Send a text from the APP and someone will be able to assist in getting that resolved.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you do not contact your local branch you will not be paid properly.

Will the app track me when I am not at work?

NO! The APP only pins your location twice. The first time is when you clock in and the second time is when you clock out. The APP uses GPS to determine if you are at the job site.

Why does the app say it's always on?

The notification bar will show the APP as “always-on” but rest assured the APP only does that because it notifies you of any new opportunity that arises. If the APP is not able to run in the background you WILL NOT receive notifications when new opportunities are available in your area.

Is there a way to turn the app off when not at work? It shows the notification all the time and says it's tracking me?

Yes, go to the Notification setting in your phone and turn notifications off for the VOD APP. Please note turning notifications off will exclude you from receiving important job notifications and opportunities available in your area. See our VOD How To’s on how to turn notifications on and off.

Why do I need to use the app?

Think of the APP as your personal recruiter. It is used to create your account with Vertical and it offers you work. It will show you when you are scheduled, it is used to clock in and out of work, it shows you how many hours you’ve worked and where you are working that day!

What does the app do?

It is used to register you with Vertical, offer you work, acts as a time clock so that you can clock into your shift, show your schedule, track your hours, ensure you are paid correctly and much more.

The app sends me too many emails, how do I stop it?

You can go into your profile to change your communication method to “text” or none, the emails are only sent for when shifts are canceled, new shifts are offered or a modification to your schedule is being made. We recommend you keep them on. See our VOD How To’s to see how to do this.

Can I work without using the app?

If you don’t have data or a smartphone capable of using the APP we can work on alternative accommodations. Ask us how and we would be happy to help.

I do not have a cell phone and I cannot download VOD. What do I do?

Please contact your local branch. Find contact information here.
For additional usability HOW TO’s please click here for our short tutorial videos.

If you require assistance, please contact us.