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Workplace Violence Policy

Workplace Violence

Our work environment should, at all times, respect the dignity and worth of each employee. As such, Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. has zero tolerance for violence in the workplace.


Workplace violence” is defined as:

Workplace violence includes, but is not limited to, actual or threatened acts such as assault, aggressive behavior, screaming and other forms of verbal abuse, throwing things, or any other act that constitutes an actual or potential threat to the well-being of any Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. employee or individual on the company premises.

Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. recognizes that violence, intimidation and/or workplace Violence is not necessarily limited to incidents that occur on Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. premises.  Workplace violence, Violence, and Violence can occur at off-site business-related functions (e.g. conferences or meetings with suppliers/vendors), or at social events related to work.  For the purposes of this policy, the “workplace” should be understood to include any place where work-related or sponsored activity occurs.

Regardless of whether an incident occurs at work or at a work-related event, workplace violence, by or against any Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. employee will not be tolerated.

Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. employees and Temporary team members are prohibited from possessing firearms, explosives, or other dangerous weapons (designed to inflict bodily harm, or any item used or threatened to be used to inflict harm) on any Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. premises or while conducting Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. business.

All employees including temporary team members are responsible for ensuring that they do not engage in any of the unacceptable behaviors outlined in this policy, and that they carry out their responsibilities described below under the “Duty to Report” and “Duty to Cooperate” sections of this policy


Responsibilities and Expectations

Vertical Staffing Resources is responsible for:

Our Senior Manager is responsible for:

Our Human Resources representative is responsible for:

Our Supervisors or Vertical Team Leads are responsible for:


Employees can expect:


Risk Assessment

Management will assess any workplace violence hazards within each job and each workplace. This assessment will occur annually as well as whenever new jobs or worksites are created.


Immediate Response

Vertical will assess any immediate violence issue that are communicated to Vertical Staffing Resources Representatives. Any incidents that involve life threatening injuries to employees or client will result in the police being contacted for immediate assistance.


Procedures for Addressing a Violence Complaint

Filing a Complaint

An employee may file a violence complaint by contacting the Vertical Human Resources representative. The complaint may be expressed verbally or in writing. If the complaint is made verbally, the Human Resources representative will record the details provided by the employee.

The employee should be prepared to provide details such as the situation that occurred, when it happened, how often the situation occurred and if there were any witnesses present (if applicable). Complaints should be made as soon as possible but no later than within one (1) year of the last incident of perceived violence, unless there are circumstance which prevented the employee from doing so.

The Vertical Staffing Resources representative will express to the person that the violence complaint has been made against, in writing, that a violence complaint has been filed. The letter will provide details of the allegations that have been made against him or her.

Every effort will be made to resolve violence complaints within thirty (30) days. The Senior Manager will advise both parties of the reasons why, if this is not possible. If either party to a violence complaint believes that the complaint is not being handled in accordance with this policy, he or she should contact the Senior Manager.


Duty to Report:

A safe work environment is everyone’s responsibility.  As a result, all Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. employees and temporary team members have a duty to report incidents of workplace violence.

Any situation involving workplace violence, must be reported immediately to a Manager and to Human Resources.  Any workplace activity or incident that has the potential to develop into workplace violence,  must also be reported immediately to a Vertical Staffing Resources Representative.  If an employee feels the situation warrants it, he or she should contact the Police or call 911. Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. will not punish an employee for reporting an act of suspected workplace violence, where the employee reasonably believes that it was necessary to report the incident to ensure a safe workplace.

All Supervisors of Indigo Vertical Team Leads and Managers must advise an onsite Vertical Staffing Resources Representative immediately of any complaints of workplace violence.

Any employee experiencing a situation or witnessing another employee experiencing a situation in the workplace in which an employee’s safety is compromised or which may create a risk of violence in the workplace, whether or not the situation is personal or domestic in nature and whether involving another employee or not, should report the situation to a Vertical Staffing Resources Representative, if necessary, employees can call the Police or 911.

Any employee who obtains a court “restraining order” listing any Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. locations as protected areas should provide a copy of the order to their onsite Vertical Representative.  To the extent possible, Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. will keep the existence and contents of such orders confidential.  If Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. becomes aware that domestic violence likely to expose an employee to physical injury may occur in the workplace, Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. shall take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of the employee.  All employees have an obligation to cooperate with management and HR to protect themselves, other employees and Vertical Staffing Resources Inc.’s customers.  Vertical Staffing Resources Inc. may, in attempting to provide such protection, and in consultation with the employee as appropriate, take such temporary or permanent steps it deems necessary such as transferring the employee to another location, altering the employee’s duties and/or role, and/or placing the employee on a leave of absence.


Duty to Cooperate:

All employees are expected to cooperate with Management in any workplace violence, investigations.



If mediation is inappropriate or does not resolve the issue, a Violence investigation will be conducted. All investigations will be handled by an individual who has the necessary training and experience. In some cases, an external consultant may be engaged for this purpose.

The investigator will interview the person who made the complaint, the person the complaint was made against and any witnesses that have been identified. All people who are interviewed will have the right to review their statement, as recorded by the investigator, to ensure its accuracy.The investigator will prepare a report that will include:


Substantiated Complaint

If a Violence complaint is substantiated, the Senior Manager will decide what action is appropriate.Remedies for the employee who was harassed may include: an oral or written apology; compensation for lost wages; compensation for any lost employment benefits such as sick leave; and compensation for hurt feelings.

Corrective action for the employee found to have engaged in Violence may include: a reprimand; a suspension; a transfer; a demotion; and/or dismissal.  Both parties to the complaint will be advised, in writing, of the decision.


Privacy and Confidentiality

All parties to a Violence complaint are expected to respect the privacy and confidentiality of all other parties involved and to limit the discussion of a Violence complaint to those that need to know.  Vertical Staffing Resources and all individuals involved in the Violence complaint process, will comply with all requirements of the Privacy Policy to protect personal information.



Vertical Staffing Resources will review this policy and procedures on an annual basis, or as required, and will make necessary adjustments to ensure that it meets the needs of all employees.



Enquiries about this policy and related procedures can be made to Josh Poulin or an Onsite Recruitment Manager representative.

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