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Dear Valued Customers,

Over the last few weeks, a lot has changed. We are assuring you today that Vertical will remain open to service our clients while taking extreme measures to safeguard the safety of our staff and its visitors. To ensure the safety of our staff and its visitors, Vertical has implemented several COVID-19 preventive measures and we are asking that our partners help implement these procedures if they are not already doing so.


How is Vertical ensuring the safety of its employees while registering or visiting our offices?

Our visitor/registration COVID-19 process is as follows. Vertical has taken extreme measures, in all offices across Canada, by locking our doors and implementing a COVID-19 screening process that takes potential registrants and all visitors through specific questioning before they are cleared to enter. If the visitor does not meet the required specifications, or answers yes to one of our very important questions, they are not granted access and are immediately turned away. Once cleared, the visitor can complete their visit by sanitizing their hands upon entry and when leaving. Once the visitor has left, all surfaces including any registration computers in which they occupied or touched, are sanitized.


How is Vertical ensuring the safety of its workers and client’s workers once at the client’s worksite?

Through continued partnership with our clients, Vertical has taken several steps to ensure the safety of our workers and clients.

Firstly, Vertical has sent an email, to our entire workforce, enforcing them to not enter our site or clients sites if they have travelled outside of Canada, been around anyone that has travelled outside of Canada, are not feeling 100% or are showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who is. Vertical will be monitoring the situation and providing email updates in accordance to the Public Health Canada and Government websites, as need be.

Secondly, we have implemented and are encouraging our clients to administer a Vertical Health Declaration Form each day of work. This process/form requires all staff to be screened prior to entering our client’s facilities and as partners we are looking for their help. Much like our current screening process of entering our physical office, we are asking that our clients help assist in ensuring the safety of our workers by keeping a safe distance from anyone while administering and turning away anyone that does not answer “no” unequivocally to all the Vertical Health Declaration form questions. We are asking our clients to please keep these forms handy in preparation of a Public Health Canada representative requesting for the preventive measures they have taken should anyone get affected in their place of business.

Thirdly, any employee accepting an assignment with Vertical for the unforeseeable future, will be sent the Vertical Health Declaration Form via email prior to their placement. Vertical will not place the candidate until we have received the form back and confirmed that they have answered “No” to all important COVID-19 screening questions. This form will be put on their file and kept for safe keeping.

Lastly, we have put together cheque leaflets with all cheque pickups. The leaflet asks for a direct deposit form from the associate and explains our process of not entering our clients sites if they have travelled outside of Canada, been around anyone that has travelled outside of Canada, are not feeling 100% or are showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who is.


How is Vertical continuing to monitor the situation of COVID-19?

Vertical is monitoring the daily Government issued updates as the COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing. Please visit here at https://verticalstaffingresources.com/press/covid-19-update/ to monitor the current state of affairs and for any important updates.


Important Message:

We would like to take this opportunity to ensure you, our clients and employees, that we are here for you in this time of need. Should you require any orders to be filled, if you have any questions, if you require additional steps or assistance to be taken in conjunction with the current protocol measures, we are ready to take your call and discuss how we can assist.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with the same award-winning service you are accustomed to when working with Vertical. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Vertical representative and we thank you for your continued support and business.


Yours truly,

Anthony Calce
President and CEO
Vertical Staffing Resources Inc.