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In order for our services (the “Service”) to work efficiently and effectively, Vertical Staffing Resources utilizes Avionte (herein the “Software”) as our Recruiting and Management Software. Our company has integrated this software to coordinate applicants to potential employers and solely for this purpose. In correlation with the third-party clause outlined below, Vertical Staffing Resources assumes no responsibility for the opinions, statements, infringements or liability incurred by Avionte and its representatives. It is our recommendation that you review and understand Avionte’s privacy policy which can be found on their website. Vertical Staffing Resources does not assume responsibility for the dependability, precision, or reliability of the Avionte software. Additionally, we assume no responsibility for errors and omissions from the Software and if the Software is out of date, Vertical Staffing Resources assumes no responsibility for ensuring the Software is up to date. We do not make warranty to the Software being uninterrupted and make no warranty that it will meet all your requirements. Any software and materials that are made available for downloading, access, or other use from this site with their own license terms, conditions, and notices will be governed by such terms, conditions and notices.

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Privacy Statement – Data Protection

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We want to ensure you the employees and affiliates of Vertical Staffing Resources maintain all client and customer information obtained in complete confidentiality unless requested otherwise. All information collected from you via our website or in person will not be released, be it personal information including name, address, content information, etc to any client or affiliate without your prior permission.

Please Note: Identify and Assess Candidates Names, addresses, and telephone numbers listed in the telephone or other directories are not considered to be personal information.


When you provide us with personal information to complete an application through the Vertical Staffing Resources Applicant Portal, we imply you consent to our collecting said information and managing this material. This consent is considered your acceptance to Vertical Staffing Resources to use and disclose the information through our website.


We may disclose your personal information if we are required to do so by law or if an individual user violates our Terms of Service.

Information Automatically Logged

The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the personal computer used by each individual user is stored in our log files. Information collected can include the type of client used, general user information, URL or pages requested from our site, and general navigation data.


This website has enabled the use of cookies, enabling our company to acquire details regarding user details of each visit to our website. Cookies are text files that are saved on your computer and the cookies used enable essential functionality regarding user sessions, allowing us to provide appropriate content to individual users.

Registration Forms

In order for our services to work effectively, Vertical Staffing Resources utilizes registration and application forms. Through this process, you will be required to provide certain personal information (including name, address and contact information) as well as general demographic material.

Through the registration form, we collect necessary information about the individual user in order to send essential information regarding Vertical Staffing Resources, to provide updates and for promotional purposes.

The personal information collected assists us in distributing the quality of information to each individual user, specific to them on a personal basis. We ensure to use caution in distributing information only as necessary. Through the information provided, we can suit the promotional information and material updates to the individual user. As required by law, we have provided users with the choice of electing to terminate receiving any material from our company by following the opt-out process as listed below.

Please note, an employment relationship will not commence until you have completed the registration process by meeting with a recruiting officer, in our office, to finalize the application process.

Password Protection

Vertical Staffing Resources makes the use of password protection in specific areas of our website in order to shield personal applicant and employer information. You may not publish the password or similar information in any way that limits the effectiveness of the password. It is the responsibility of each user to maintain confidentiality in regards to their personal login information. Should any breach of security occur through any unauthorized use, the user must notify the administrator promptly.

Through our Applicant Portal, members of our online community will maintain their own personal profile containing account information and communications pertaining to specific roles applicants have corresponded with or have interest in.

For security purposes, Vertical Staffing Resources is entitled to modify any passwords in an effort to secure our website from any breaches of security. If for any reason your password has been altered without your consent, your profile security has been violated or if password confidentiality has been breached, please contact us immediately and we will reconcile this situation. An administrator will email you with a temporary password for you to change once logged in.

Vertical Staffing Resources have granted access for specific personnel of our company to administer and manage applicant and employer information through a secure password-protected gateway. Applicant information can be viewed by authorized individuals and we have ensured that any personal demographic information can only be viewed by the profile owner (i.e. employers and clients are restricted from accessing this personal information, unless previous consent has been granted by the profile owner).

Linking to Third Party Sites

Links to third party websites may, from time to time, be accessible from this website. Vertical Staffing resources does not assume any liability, infringements, inaccuracies, misstatements of law, defamation, slander, omissions, false/incorrect statements, obscenity or profanity represented through statements, opinions and various content included on linked third party websites. It is understood by the individual user that the opinions and statements that appear on affiliated third party sites do not necessarily represent the opinions or beliefs of Vertical Staffing Resources, employees or representatives.

In general, the third-party providers used by us will only collect, use and disclose your information to the extent necessary to allow them to perform the services they provide to us. For these third-party providers, it is strongly recommended that you review and understand the privacy policies that pertain to them and the manner in which these providers handle your personal information. It is important to make note that some providers may be operating under an alternate jurisdiction than the jurisdiction Vertical Staffing Resources operates under, in which case, different rules and laws will be applicable.

At such time that a user is re-directed to an alternate site, the user is no longer governed by the terms and conditions set forth in this policy.


We allow users the option of whether they would like to negate their consent to receive emails, interactions or further communications from Vertical Staffing Resources and its representatives.

The information you have previously provided will be eradicated from our archives and we will cease to communicate with you further.

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