Did you know... Vertical has recently acquired Peoplereadys' Canadian operations. Click here for a full list of brances across Canada. 

Vertical Staffing Resources announced it will be merging with Maingate Personnel Services. Both companies are experts at providing temporary and permanent Industrial Staffing Solutions. Vertical has over 10 years of experience, while Maingate has 35 years of experience in the industry.

The choice to merge was made because of the synergies between the two businesses. The locations, clients and cultures of both companies mirror one another.

Vertical will receive an immediate uplift in sales for its Mississauga and Hamilton Markets from the merger, and Maingate staff will now have access to better technology.

“With this merger, Vertical will receive an immediate 30% growth in sales for 2017. The immediate growth in revenue will put us one step closer to achieving our goal of being the largest privately-owned staffing provider in Canada” said Vertical Staffing Resources President & CEO Anthony Calce.

“Vertical brings a wealth of technology and ease of employment to its Maingate customers and employees. With Vertical’s online portals, time clocks, attendance management systems, in-house cheque payments for customers & employees, better visibility and employee engagement is going to be the driver for improvement on our bottom line.”

The merger is part of Vertical’s long-term plan to focus on growth through organic means, mergers and acquisitions. However, this merger is unique to the company because of the Maingates locations and infrastructure.

The Vertical team expressed excitement about the opportunity to merge with such a distinguished organization such as Maingate. They look forward to offering their award-winning services to its customers and employees.