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Quick Resume Tips

Formatting Recommendations

  • Always start with a format like the reverse-chronological layout.
  • It presents your newest victories at the beginning.
  • Use clean strong fonts.
  • Always make sure your headings are large easy to read and do not use any highlighting or grey scale.
  • Black/white, crisp, and clean is always best. Do not be afraid to add a head shot of yourself. Spell check is the most powerful tool you will use.
  • Never, and we mean never! Send your resume in word, always save to PDF and send whenever possible or unless asked for another format.

Cover Letter Writing

  • This is your opportunity to speak freely.
  • Write this as if you are writing an autobiography, but not writing a novel. A half page is more than enough.
  • Focus on why you feel you are the right person for the job.
  • Talk about yourself a little bit, give them a sense of the culture you bring.
  • Do not be boring. Grab their attention.

How to Describe Your Experience

  • Do not list your last 15 jobs. Keep your experience current and relevant.
  • Focus on relaying your message loud and clear.
  • Stick to the main points, summarize, and keep it concise.
  • Focus on the big wins and keep those at the top of the list, the compulsory details can be listed at the end, but remember, no fluff.
  • Do not be cookie cutter or off the rack. You want to wow people, so wow them. Use words like "Passion" "Dramatically" "Drastically" "Raised" "Increased" "Lead" "Team" "Together.
  • Read the job description and match those key qualifications in your resume wherever pertinent.

What Recruiters and Hiring Source Are Looking For

  • The average recruiter or Hiring Source spends just 30 seconds looking at each resume. Therefore, make sure you are hitting your points quickly and standing out above the crowd.
  • Recruiters and hiring sources are looking for key words, where you worked, how long, what you accomplished, who you reported to and if they know them.
  • If a resume looks good, you are typically short listed into a pile to be summarized, contacted, or passed along.

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