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The primary objective of ACSESS is to stimulate growth in the recruitment & staffing environment of Canada. Drawn from their mission statement, the purpose of ACSESS includes “to positively influence and protect the regulatory and business environment that impacts our members and the people they serve.” In addition, the ACSESS organization aims to build familiarity and credibility of the staffing industry to the general public, community and government.

What Do They Do?

Placing high importance on Ethics & Standards, ACSESS serves to actively represent the industry by contributing to employment legislation and regulation at national and provincial levels. ACSESS provides an opportunity for candidates to gain their CPC Certification, which creates opportunities to attend workshops relating to the industry, create a commitment to professionalism and provide an avenue to increase performance.

How Our Membership with ACSESS Helps Workers & Our Industry

As a member of ACSESS, Vertical Staffing Resources aims to uphold the same standards and ethical principles that the ACSESS organization embodies. Our membership at ACSESS means we are committed to an industry that provides clients with the opportunity to respond to business realities and transforming technologies. Our primary objective of maintaining a membership with ACSESS is to create more industry-related options for workers and focus on principles that align with the ACSESS Code of Ethics and Standards.

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