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Engineering & Construction

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About Vertical

As a leader in the Engineering and Constuction staffing market in Canada, we are one of the fastest growing companies. We offer a managed or self managed Temporary or Contract solution. As well as a Permanent recruitment solution.

With our staffing management Verticals, have us manage your Payroll Services, Onsite Services for large recrutiment installs or have us manage multiple vendors on your behalf. Click on our staffing management Verticals and choose between Payroll, Onsite or Vendor Management for more information or click here to get in touch with a Strategic Relationship Manager today.

Types of Roles

  • NLabourers
  • NOperators
  • NTrades
  • NForemans
  • NManagers
  • NSupervisors
  • NPlanners
  • NCoordinators
  • NEngineers
  • NEstimators
  • NArchitects
  • NAdministrative

Frequently Asked Questions For Engineering & Construction Employers

Are there any up front costs?

No. We are contingency based. You do not pay until a worker is onsite working.

Should I choose Temporary, Contract or Permanent Recruitment?

Temporary Recruitment Explained:

A client that requires a worker for a day, a week or a peak period of time, typically selects a Temporary Recruitment Solution. In this scenario, Vertical payrolls the employee, and provides terms on the payables to our customers. For more information on our Temporary Recruitment Solutions click here to speak to a Strategic Relationship Manager in your area.

Contract Recruitment Explained:

A client that requires an employee to get over the hump of completing a project with a definite stipulated amount of time, like covering a matt leave, typically chooses our Contract Recruitment Solution. Like our Temporary Recruitment Solution, Vertical can facilitate the payroll, take terms on the employee payables or the client can have this individual on their payroll. For more Information on our Contract Recruitment Solutions click here to speak to a Strategic Relationship Manager in your area.

Permanent Recruitment Explained:

A client that has a void to fill in their everyday roster of employees, needs an employee for an indefinite period of time and wants this person to be paid by themselves will choose our Permanent Recruitment Solution. For more Information on our Permanent Recruitment Solutions click here to speak to a Strategic Relationship Manager in your area.

What is your partnership process?

At Vertical, we believe in a strong partnership. The first step we take is to create the necessary channels of becoming an extension of your HR team. We take the time to understand the needs of your roles and the unique position you are looking to fill. We consult on market trends, value, and competition offerings. Our Account Specialists are highly effective communicators, keeping you in the loop at all levels in the recruitment process. We continually discuss key pivot points in the recruitment procedure and during our weekly communication meetings we develop strategies and shift adhoc as required.

When do I pay after work is completed?

Depending on your level of service we offer terms of 7 – 120 days payable. For permanent recruitment our terms are typically 15 days after the person starts. Click here to speak to a Strategic Relationship Manager in your area.

When can I hire a temporary worker directly?

Please contact us for more information.

What geographical areas do you service?

We currently service all provinces in Canada. Click here to speak to a Strategic Relationship Manager in your area.

When do the temporary workers get paid?

Typically weekly but we can change the pay structure to accommodate you.

What happens if an employee shows up not ready to work or doesnt meet my expectations?

Please contact us for more information.

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Staffing Management Services

Onsite Management

Our onsite management team helps you take care of managing operations at your workplace, implementing health and safety checks and…

Vendor Management

While you focus on your day to day tasks, our specialists take care of vendor management to ensure your company is organized, connected, and always…

Payroll Management

At Vertical, we will implement payroll management services that help make sure your employees are properly paid and taxed, including employee records…

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