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Payroll Management Services

Vertical is an industry leader in payrolling and payroll management services.

Whether you have a few or hundreds of employees, choose between one, two, three or combine all of our Fund, Track, Pay or Remit Services.


Need help with making payroll? Don’t want to use conventional banks?

With Verticals PMS Funding we cover your payroll, provide you terms on the payables and let you focus on what’s most important, running your business.



With our Vertical PMS software, we can give you the access to our industry leading time tracking software at a fraction of the cost or, you can also choose our managed service approach. We also integrate with existing technologies.

Employees clock in and out from the comfort of their mobile device. Managers can rate, deny, approve and submit to payroll easily from their mobile phone. Get access to industry leading management and executive reporting.


With Vertical PMS Pay we do exactly as it sounds, pay your employees on your behalf.

We can represent you, the employees can work for us, or we can provide payments as a third party payer. Take terms on your payroll to increase cash flow or fund it yourself, you choose.


With Vertical PMS Remit, we remit on your behalf.
Whether we are the employer of record or you are, compliance is our payroll experts only focus. We monitor all provincial/federal consistently changing payroll and tax laws to ensure we and you are always compliant.


Payroll Management Services Features and Benefits

  • \Tax Management
  • \Remittance Management
  • \Payrolling Services
  • \Payroll Funding and Terms
  • \Real Time Data Entry
  • \Geolocate Mobile Time Tracking
  • \Employee and Employer Mobile Access
  • \Management and Executive Reporting
  • \Provincial and Federal Compliance
  • \Managed or Self Managed Services - You choose
  • \Employer of Record Capabilities
  • \HR Compliance and Consulting

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