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Sometimes we hit a snag in our career progression. It might be we don’t know the next step we want to take or we simply don’t want to continue in a certain line of work. There can be a variety of reasons, however, it is important to understand there are options in order to figure out what you want to do in your career going forward. One of those options is doing temp work. This can come as a bit of a surprise to some as many of us tend to connect staffing agencies to jobs that are short-term, have lower pay and have no potential for growth.

However, this may be the case in some scenarios, it is important to frame a temp experience as a chance to discover other options to grow in one’s career. Temp work helps talent explore different roles in different sectors. These temp jobs can unlock opportunities to learn more about organizations and how they work. In some instances, temp work may lead to potential long-term employment and serve as a catalyst for augmenting one’s skills, diversifying career experience and meeting new people.

Nevertheless, it is wise to invest some time and effort in finding a staffing agency that truly helps talent position themselves for a good temp opportunity. For example, at Vertical Staffing Resources, we focus on screening talent and securing them a role that can leverage their skills while providing them with a way to further develop a candidate as professionals in the workforce.

Vertical Staffing Resources takes time to build long-term partnerships with a host of respected companies that are also looking to sometimes utilize temp options for ways to build a full-time team. The intake processes also bring to light talent skills, areas of expertise, experience and specialized training or education to create a profile and match opportunities that can help to form new career pathways.

Temp work can be an exciting opportunity in one’s career path that shouldn’t be excluded from a job search just because there have been some stigmas attached to it. However, one of our staffing or recruitment specialists at Vertical Staffing Resources will be more than happy to answer any questions anyone may have related to short or long-term temp work; and if a potential candidate has key skills or experience a client on our end is looking for, we will make all efforts to find if there is a fit.