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In this day and age, it seems like everyone is on social media and many of us get majority of our news and entertainment from platforms like Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram. Sharing one’s thoughts via personal posts, memes and comments may seem innocent at first, yet we have to keep in mind, that even if we delete something, the internet has a funny way of keeping those ‘memories’ around.

So how do maintain your brand on social media?

Although you may believe that social media is something that is not related to your work or personal and professional brand, you are incorrect. Employers and potential employers take your online presence very seriously and that means they can research you; reviewing personal social media profiles, blogs, personal websites and other online activities. If you are seldom online, this can benefit you as you do not have to maintain content (yet be sure to run searches for your name and review Facebook, to see if things are ok). If you are active and like postings on groups and responding in the comment sections, you have to take a more vigilant approach.

Even a slightly negative comment can bear unexpected consequences to your current job search as well as your current or future employment. Be sure to be diligent about things you say and always be polite and respectful. There have been instances where people have been fired because of something that was said a long time ago and was recently brought to light.

Additionally, be mindful of the things you post or the content you share. One great platform you can use to quickly build your online reputation is LinkedIn. It is by far the most business-focused of all known platforms online today. You can create simple, yet effective posts such as ones that share positive affirmations, career tips or insightful quotes by famous people. You can also post thoughts related to your line of work or professional expertise. When organizations run online searches on you, they will be treated to strong online posts as well as a consistent profile that reflects professionalism, positivity and consistency.

It is easy to maintain your online brand, you simply need to be always thinking about how you react to others and being sure to share or create posts or content that develops your ‘online brand’—one in which organizations want to be affiliated.